Balloon Buddies Donations

Alot of time and effort goes into hosting, running, supporting and keeping the Balloon Buddies Websites and email lists a great resource for us looners. Although we intend to always keep the Balloon Buddies Memberships free, we have been asked many times in the past if we are willing to take donations. This sounds like a fantastic compromise to us and so we are now accepting and appreciate your gift to us.

There are three main ways to make donations donations:

Money Orders/Credit Cards
Simply send a donation money order or check in USD funds made out to:

Mike D.
PO Box 1432
North Wales, PA 19454
United States

Credit Card
Our online ordering system can do secure credit card transactions for donations from Visa/Master Card credit cards
"FNMJD" will appear on your credit card statement.
Please click Here to make a credit card donation.

Online Money Transfers

Please send an email to for more information